The 5 Big Benefits of Coconut Water

 Since summer is here, everyone is seeking for tasty ways to remain cool and hydrated. From spin class to the metro, I've seen New Yorkers drinking coconut water.  

 Water is all you need unless you're exercising for more than an hour. You don't need extra nutrition or sugar. However, an electrolyte-infused drink like coconut water can help you stay focused during a long workout.  

 It's "Cleaner" Than Sports Drinks 

 Potassium, rich in bananas, is essential for kidney and organ function, but most Americans don't receive enough. According to a recent study, hardly 3 in 1,000 Americans ingest the recommended 3,510 milligrams of potassium everyday.   

 It's Packed with Potassium

 The Journal of Cell & Tissue Research reported that coconut water reduced blood pressure and cholesterol in mice, suggesting it may be helpful for your heart.  

 It May Be Good for Your Heart

 Coconut water's main minerals include potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which is important for bone health.  

 It Has Some Calcium & Magnesium

 All of coconut water's health benefits are excellent, but its largest benefit is taste. Sometimes you need something other than water.

 It Will Excite Your Taste Bud

 and it's not always easy to make detox water away from home.  

 In conclusion, coconut water is one of the best-tasting hydrators for busy people.  

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