The $120M Francis Ford Coppola picture 'Megalopolis' opens at Cannes. Epics are hard to ignore.  

At Cannes, Francis Ford Coppola's latest film Megalopolis, starring Adam Driver and Nathalie Emmanuel, received mixed reviews and a seven-minute standing ovation.  

Based on a decades-old script, Coppola's self-financed $120 million picture suffered set difficulties, including inappropriate behavior and production delays.   

It still needs a U.S. distributor for a statewide release.  

Coppola compared the film's Roman-inspired plot to present American politics, and the star-studded ensemble, including Shia LaBeouf and Aubrey Plaza, lauded his direction and political concerns.  

On May 16, Francis Ford Coppola's latest film, Megalopolis, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival to wild reviews.  

The dystopian “fable” depicting a Roman-style power struggle in New York (uh, New Rome) has been called “overstuffed,” “juicy and weird” and “a work of absolute madness,” but others say “while it should never have been made,” “we should be so grateful that it exists.”  

The Cannes crowd gave the 2-hour, 13-minute picture a seven-minute standing ovation after Coppola, 85, self-financed it with $120 million from a script that took decades to complete.  

It has skeptics and no U.S. distributor, so a nationwide release date is uncertain.  

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