Taylor Swift Has Changed Since Her First ACM Awards  

The 2020 ACM Awards saw Taylor Swift do her own hair, makeup, and styling (People).  

We don't know if she performed them originally in 2007. However, she deliberately replaced her fluffy white dress and adorable goldilocks hair with a darker "The Man" style. Her guitar has darkened too.    

Since her debut ACM Awards performance 13 years ago, much has changed for the performer.  

After 2007, Swift became "the loudest woman this town has ever seen" (a "Last Great American Dynasty" reference, Swifties).  

She survived tattoo scandals, Kanye West, and two rumored boyfriends (Billboard).   

Her career has ranged from country to pop to whimsical indie-folk. She's also won honors.  

Every prize. Grammy Awards lists 10 Grammys and 35 nominations for Taylor Swift.   

She has 11 MTV Video Music Awards, including the 2020 award for directing "The Man.  

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