Spot the 2 Mistakes Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Only a genius can spot the 2 mistakes in the gardening Image in 10 seconds!

A brain teaser is a puzzle, riddle, or dilemma designed to test one's reasoning, logic, and problem-solving abilities.  

To solve these teasers, you may need to think creatively or unconventionally.

They take many different forms, including word puzzles, math problems, lateral thinking puzzles, and logic challenges.  

A brain teaser's purpose is to engage the brain, entertain, and provide a mental challenge.  

The goal of this picture puzzle is to find two faults in the gardening image. The key is sharp observation and attention to detail.  

Examine elements such as plant arrangement, tool placement, and environmental discrepancies.  

With only 10 seconds on the clock, the pressure is on to quickly identify the faults. Only those with good observational abilities   

while a fast eye will be able to spot both errors within the allotted time. So, are you ready to put your IQ to the test and prove you are a genius?  

In this photo puzzle, there are two faults to find. The first error is that the words "tree is here banana" is written rather than "banana tree is here". The second error is that the plant is shown as a gold coin rather than a normal plant or tree.  

Paying close attention to these features allows one to swiftly spot both faults within the time span provided. This puzzle tests your ability to detect and interpret visual information correctly. Congratulations if you were able to notice both errors!  

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