Seek and Find Puzzle: Spot the Hidden Diamond in 7 Seconds

Search and Find Puzzles are visual tricks that alter perception.  

They can be amusing, demanding, and test visual acuity. 

A popular seek-and-find puzzle is the "hidden diamond" This puzzle shows snowflakes. A diamond discreetly hides in the cold scene.  

The diamond is well-camouflaged and hard to find. 

It may appear easy, but you must discover the diamond in 7 seconds.  

This is your chance to practice observation and become a puzzle master.  

Use your keen observation skills—the diamond is right in front of you.  

If you didn't locate it, keep looking. You may find it if you keep looking. Return to the top of the image and find the diamond without a timer.  

This incredible optical illusion is solved here. 

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