Security footage from Bunnie Xo shows Jelly Roll's teen daughter sneaking out: Grounded for life  

For her 16th birthday, Jelly Roll gave his daughter a new automobile.  

The country star's wife, Bunnie Xo, caught her slipping out of the house with a friend using security cameras on their property, so she may not be driving for a while.  

Bunnie posted a TikTok video of their housebreak with the remark "Grounded for life."  

Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie Xo, posted a humorous video of their daughter Bailee slipping out. Images from Getty)  

"When your teen gets caught sneaking out... wait for it," Bunnie commented beneath the footage of the blonde bombshell shaking her head in disapproval.  

Bailey appeared remorseful before the clip aired, showing her 1:20 a.m. outdoor excursion with a companion earlier this month.   

The pair first hid beside the pool before escaping onto a grassy slope. Guards were close, unbeknownst to the teens.  

"Security sending them right back home," Bunnie wrote as the youngsters crossed the driveway and entered the house.   

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