'Ringless' Charles Barkley Bares His Heart On His Greatest Achievement Alongside Michael Jordan  

Following a disappointing showing in the 1988 Seoul Olympics Men's Basketball Tournament,     

Team USA intended to show their mettle in 1992 Barcelona by enlisting the top NBA players to compete for them    

Charles Barkley, a member of the star-studded squad, described it as the "most surreal feeling"    

he had ever experienced, even if the gold medal ceremony itself seemed like a formality.   

When he was a guest on the iHeart podcast, he stated,    

Receiving the gold medal alongside Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson was a "very special" experience, according to Barkley.    

It was already a feat to earn a spot on the 'Dream Team,' the roster for the 1992 Olympics    

Christian Laettner of Duke University was awarded the last spot, while fourteen spaces were set aside for the top American players in the league.    

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