Relationships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 20

The Sun enters Gemini on Monday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 21, bringing with it the theme of choice. Three zodiac signs are about to realize that whatever they've been sitting on  

whatever subject they've been debating for weeks, has now received its 'final answer.' In this situation, for three zodiac signs, the answer is 'yes.'  

So what is the question? The question here is one that gives us the option of staying or leaving, as in romance or no romance. We feel playful around this time of year and desire to play with a companion.   

The Gemini Sun pushes us off the rail and onto solid ground. We are no longer weighing thoughts like 'what if' and'should I?' We are now ready to stand tall and take responsibility for our decisions.   

It just so happens that on Monday, May 20, we'll choose to spend time with the person we love. We will take that chance and be courageous about it.  

1. Gemini

It's time to praise yourself, Gemini, for a job well done. If anyone knows how difficult it is to do this work, it's you, because you take a long time to decide if it's good for you or not. This 'job' is more of a responsibility than an actual employment. On May 20, you will make the decision to accept the responsibilities of being in a romantic relationship.  

2. Cancer

You opted to go for it in your love life, and you're pleased you did, because the Gemini Sun puts things in perspective for you. While Gemini transits are typically about communication or choice, on May 20, you will make your own decision and communicate your response to the person you are with.   

3. Scorpio

You've got so much on your plate lately that you weren't sure you still had the capacity for love and romance. You've just felt disorganized and unstable. While you can deal with that type of energy, fate appears to have something else in mind for you, Scorpio.   

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