Relationship Challenges Facing Each Zodiac Sign 

Ups and downs are inherent in partnerships. Astrology can illuminate each zodaic sign's most prevalent relationship issue to assist you identify and resolve your repeating relationship issues.   

These rams rush into relationships and expect their partners to keep up. Aries hates being apart and wants their spouse to spend all their leisure time on the relationship  

 1. Aries

Taurus craves consistency and dependence, therefore they desire a mate that always pays attention. It's great to have relationship expectations, but occasionally they come in the way of seeing things from their perspective.   


3. Gemini  

Gemini, you're the life of the party and enjoy friends. That makes you hard to control. You want your partner and pals to blend, but this can compromise intimacy  

Homebody crabs settle easily. You love spending weekends under duvets or watching Netflix all night, but your partner may find your security needs overwhelming  

4. Cancer   

5. Leo  

Leos are passionate lovers who attract partners easily. They love the chase and are dating masters, but they struggle to maintain relationships. Leos can be fickle in relationships, giving up when the first red flag surfaces.  

Problem-solving, nitpicking Virgos are skilled at fixing relationship flaws before others notice. This makes them loyal partners but also their downfall.  

6. Virgo   

Libras may prioritize connections above personal goals. As the diplomat in the relationship, you know that maintaining equilibrium can drain your power.   

7. Libra

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