Records prove OpenAI didn't duplicate Scarlett Johansson's ChatGPT voice.  

The May casting call for OpenAI's secret initiative to give ChatGPT a human voice had several requirements: The actors should be nonunion.  

It should sound 25–45 years old. Their voices should be “warm, engaging [and] charismatic.”  

According to conversations with various people engaged in the process and OpenAI materials released by The Washington Post, the artificial intelligence company did not request a Scarlett Johansson clone.  

After refusing CEO Sam Altman's request to license her voice, Johansson decried ChatGPT's upgraded AI sounds on Monday, stating that OpenAI had plagiarized it....

...Johansson, who played a sultry synthetic AI assistant in “Her,” made the assertion, and Altman's cryptic social media post greeting a product demo seemed to support it. The post read “her.”  

Many notice an unsettling resemblance between “Sky” and Johansson's “Her” role, although records, recordings, casting directors, and the actress's agent show that.... actress was hired in June to voice Sky months before Altman contacted Johansson.  

The agency, who requested anonymity to protect her client, said the actress confirmed that OpenAI never mentioned Johansson or “Her”.   

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