Randy Travis sings again thanks to AI a decade after a stroke.

Randy Travis' baritone captivates even non-country fans.    

Since his 1986 first album, "Storms of Life," his voice has sounded like whisky. 

Producer Kyle Lehning remarked, "I thought if we sold 40,000 copies they might let us make a second record."   

They sold 4 million. "So, I'm a genius!" Lehn laughed.  

Randy Travis' voice helped develop Warner Music Nashville. Label co-chair and co-president Cris Lacy said, "How do you describe the thing that just hits you in the... 

....center of your chest and unconsciously makes you feel full, and familiar, and known?" "How do you describe something like that?"   

His talent was divinely gifted. It was all taken by fate.   

Travis had a major stroke in 2013. His chances of survival were 2%. "I thought we'd lose him," said Lehning.   

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are proud parents Dof three daughters.