Optical Illusion Test: Can you spot the escaped parrot in under 7 seconds?

Avoid becoming sidetracked by the birds or inquisitive bystanders.  

In less than seven seconds, locate the concealed flyer, and you might have 20/20 eyesight and a high IQ.  

Before the answer is disclosed, here's a hint in case you're still having trouble: Look at the cartoon's upper left-hand corner.  

Watchers are arguing over what they perceive in yet another perplexing animal drawing.  

With the help of an optical illusion created by Bright Side artists, viewers can examine each other's personalities.  

With this picture, there's no competition to beat the time.Rather, viewers are asked to name the first animals in the picture that they make out.  

Most people see either a big elephant or a view of a village with birds flying overhead.  

The creators of the artwork claim that those who only perceive cottages, trees, and birds in the picture "value traditions and prefer a simple and peaceful style of life."  

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