Optical Illusion Test: Can you find the tomato among cherries in 9 seconds?

This is an easy exercise that will put your intelligence and observation to the test.Your job is to find a tomato among the cherries in 9 seconds.  

Individuals with keen observation abilities will be able to spot the tomato hidden amid the cherries. How many of you discovered the tomato within the time limit?   

We believe some keen-eyed individuals have already seen the tomato. Some people may still be seeking for tomatoes hidden among cherries.The tomato's hue matches the cherries in the picture. This makes it difficult to see the tomato at first glance.  

The tomato is located on the left side of the photograph. It's marked with a circle to make it easier to find the tomato.Optical illusion tasks are an excellent method to put both your observation skills and wits to the test.    

Although it is regarded as a decent approach to assess your intelligence, it is not the only method.   

To learn more about your IQ levels, take professionally created IQ tests like the Mensa IQ Challenge.   

The optical illusion challenge provided to you is to discover a tomato among the cherries in the image in 9 seconds.Optical Illusion Test: Can you see the tomato among the cherries in 9 seconds?   

The tomato shown here is a cherry tomato, Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme. Cherry tomatoes are smaller and sweeter than ordinary tomatoes.   

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