Optical Illusion: Only 2% People Can Find the Number 80 Among 88 in 8 Secs

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Are you someone who appreciates optical illusions? This one's for you. Optical illusions are pictures that might be confusing at times. It will cause us to perceive things that are not actually there. 

The image below shows some hidden numbers. Your task is to identify the number within 12 seconds. Don't take a step back after seeing the title. 

Only 2% of people can find the concealed numbers.Just give it a shot; your main goal should not be to find the number, but to enjoy the experience. 

When you first glance at the image, you may not see the number. Try alternative ways of viewing the image. You only have 12 seconds to spot the number.  

To find the secret number, examine every detail of the image. The number could be hidden behind some objects or blended in with the colors and shapes of the image. 

12 seconds may appear to be insufficient time to uncover the secret number. If you find it difficult, take a break, refresh, and return. 

If you are having difficulty with it, you should take a pause, refresh yourself, and then come back. It is not a cause for concern even if you take additional time. 

In the event that you are still unable to locate the concealed number, we are here to assist you with the solution. Verify the answer, which is provided in the following: 

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