Optical Illusion: Only 2% People Can Find the Number 80 Among 88 in 8 Secs

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Yellowstone's "wild" ending has been hinted to by Kelly Reilly, who asserts that this has always been the intended course of events.   

The reason optical illusions work is a sophisticated science in itself. They are determined by how your brain processes visual input such as color, light, patterns, and even presumptions formed from previous interactions. 

This optical illusion presents a classic word search problem with a distinct twist: Only 2% of people can find the number 80 out of 88!  

A succession of numerals are displayed to you, most likely "88" numerous times. However, one is phony, since the number "80" is deceptively disguised within the "88". 

It is reported to only be seen to 2% of the population. It's probably an exaggeration intended to pique interest and challenge. 

With a little effort, most people should be able to pick out the odd number, however it may require some focus and concentration. 

Are you ready to put your concentration to the test by looking for the "80" buried there?Don't worry if you're experiencing problems; we've got your back. 

Here is where we will give you the answer. Remember, practice makes perfect. Every attempt to solve an issue, regardless of how long it takes or how much aid is required, improves your cognitive ability. 

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