Optical Illusion for IQ Test: Only a Genius Can Find Newspaper in Public Park Picture in 5 Seconds!  

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An optical illusion is a mind-bending, captivating, shape-shifting image of an object, drawing, or people that tests brain perception.  

Physical, physiological, and cognitive optical illusions exist. Psychoanalysis includes optical illusions because they reveal how you view things.  

A typical human brain can perceive items or images differently from different angles. The Public Park depiction with a Newspaper lurking inside is clever.   

The above puzzle is a brain teaser for kids and adults. Newspaper hides in Public Park in this optical illusion.   

People enjoy their day in the gorgeous Park. A coffee shop is in the Park. A couple grabs their coffee and walks in the park. Using headphones, a female walks in the park.  

Kids sit next to a man reading a book on a park seat. A couple is talking on a bench. Near a tree, a girl watches her tablet.  

This optical illusion requires you to locate the newspaper. The harder part of this optical illusion is finding the Newspaper in the Public Park. The image has thousands of adults scratching their heads to find the buried newspaper.  

Look closely at this optical illusion to find the buried newspaper in the Public Park. The Newspaper may be hard to find, but look at the bench where a guy and lady are sitting. The newspaper is blended with the bench, making it hard to notice.  

For convenience, we highlighted the Newspaper in the image.   

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