OpenAI Just Gave Away the Entire Game

An example of AI's tough deal is the Scarlett Johansson disaster: it's occurring and you can't stop it.  

The Scarlett Johansson fiasco at OpenAI should serve as an excellent primer on the underlying mentality of the most recent gold rush in Silicon Valley.   

The legal team representing Johansson states that the situation is as follows:  

Johansson turned down OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's offer to license her voice for a new digital assistant nine months ago  

She asserts that Altman contacted Johansson's representatives two days prior to last week's business keynote presentation,  

where the helper was unveiled as part of a new system named GPT-4o, pleading with the actor to rethink his involvement  

Allegedly, Johansson never gave OpenAI permission to use her voice, and Altman and Johansson supposedly never communicated either.   

But two days later, the corporation unveiled Sky, a show whose voice many found disturbingly similar to Johansson's.  

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