Only a puzzle champion can spot the house without a door in 7 seconds!

Seek and find puzzles include finding a hidden item in an image in a set time. This action improves focus and concentration. 

These puzzles are entertaining for kids and adults to practice cognitive skills like attention to detail and visual perception.   

The image above shows a row of colorful residences. Finding a doorless dwelling is difficult. You have 7 seconds to find it. This activity will test your focus.  

If you look closely at the photo, you may spot the house without a door faster.  

The property without a door will be initially noticed by keen observers.  

Have you noticed? Quick, the clock is ticking. Refocus on the image and find it before time runs out. And… Time runs out.  

Congratulations to those readers who have successfully completed the challenge within the time limit. 

The house with a door can be spotted on the right side of the picture, it is marked with a red circle. 

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