Only a genius could, in just ten seconds, locate the iquana lizard hiding in this park, according to this optical illusion IQ test.

Will you solve this brain teaser in under 10 seconds?  

Many bizarre optical illusions have gone viral, leaving netizens confused. Visual illusions, whether photo puzzles or buried in paintings, are entertaining to solve.   

Visual illusions test your perception and observation skills. Social media users are trying to spot an iguana lizard in a park photo  

This challenge is the hardest we've seen in a while because only 1% of individuals can find the iguana lizard in the provided time.  

The puzzle depicts a park with beautiful trees, brilliant green grass, a bench, a street lamp, and a fountain. The iguana in this photo is hard to spot.  

Are you up to solve this brain puzzle in 10 seconds? Look closely at the optical illusion below.  

No matter how long they looked at the picture, most viewers couldn't find the hidden lizard in the time limit. Here's a simple way to find it.  

Look closely at the left tree branch; the green iguana lizard is hiding amid the leaves. See the circled lizard below if you can't find it.  

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