Olivia Dunne made $500,000 from one NIL. So she became the highest-paid female college athlete.

On3's NIL tracker estimates Olivia Dunne's annual value at $3.5 million, making her the NCAA's highest-paid female athlete.  

The LSU gymnast collaborated with ESPN, BodyArmor, Sports Illustrated, and Motorola this year.   

On a recent "Full Send" podcast, Dunne disclosed that her most profitable post made almost $500,000.   

Long-term partnerships that reflect her personality are her preference.   

“What I love with certain brands is getting long-term brand deals,” Dunne stated on the June 29 show.   

"Those are probably the best because you build a relationship with the brand and they want you year after year."   

Dunne partnered with Vuori in 2021 for several years.   

Influencer-marketing firm Captiv8 reported in July 2022 that student-athletes have some of the greatest engagement rates of all social-media influencers.   

Female athletes, especially basketball players, fared better for businesses. Dunne too.   

She has approximately 12 million Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter followers.    

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