NFL world reacts to brutal Cowboys new

Dallas has had a lot of success from its professional sports teams, with the exception of the Dallas Cowboys.  

According to Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk, Dallas' MLB, NBA, and NHL clubs have all been quite successful in recent years.  

"The Rangers won their first World Series in October, beating the Arizona Diamondbacks," Williams wrote for Pro Football Talk.  

"The Stars and Mavericks both clinched berths into their conference finals on Saturday."  

As Florio points out, each of those clubs has won a league championship since the Cowboys' last appearance in the NFC Championship Game.  

"Of course, the Cowboys haven't participated in the NFC Championship Game since 1995, when they won their previous Super Bowl.   

That occurred more than 10,300 days ago. Since then, the Mavericks have won an NBA championship, the Stars a Stanley Cup, and the Rangers a World Series," Williams stated.  

Needless to say, the Cowboys were devastated to learn that they had become the city's least accomplished club, and the NFL world had much to say about it online.  

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