NFL legend asks Elon Musk for favor

However, this has not deterred celebrities and athletes from wanting to own one.  

That nearly led to San Francisco 49ers rookie Ji'Ayir Brown paying an absurd amount of money for one of them,   

but a financial expert intervened and persuaded him not to.  

Shannon Sharpe, the host of Nightcap, told co-host Chad Johnson about this anecdote on a recent episode.   

Despite the challenges, Johnson took use of the opportunity to beg with Tesla and X owner Elon Musk for a Cybertruck.  

I'm not sure who he phoned, but I'd like to thank them for ensuring that he didn't buy that vehicle that was marked up way too much.  

The difficulty is that there is a waiting list at Tesla. So there are other vehicle dealerships that have them, and what they're doing is just raising the price because of supply and demand,  

and they understand that there are individuals who have the money and would spend it just to say, "I got a Cybertruck before everyone else."  

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