New NIL may make LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne the first collegiate athlete to earn $1 million.

This week, the NCAA made it possible for its student athletes to make money off of their name, likeness, and image (NIL).  

The anticipated highest earner at the moment is a sophomore gymnast on the Bayou, not a standout football or basketball player.   

Olivia Dunne, a gymnast at LSU from New Jersey, has 1.1 million Instagram followers.   

This is one venue where athletes might potentially make money.  

She has more than 5 million total followers when you include her 3.9 million TikTok followers.  

Athletes can earn money through the new NIL criteria in a few simple ways, including those two social media networks.   

College athletes are permitted by Louisiana state law to make money off of their names, likenesses, and photographs.  

It is possible for athletes to receive support for their social media posts. This is an example of what athletes could be able to make, as stated by Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence.  

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