These savory pancakes are produced with a basic batter that includes ordinary ingredients and napa cabbage. 

We then make a great homemade dipping sauce that goes well with these pancakes. Enjoy them as a snack or as an appetizer to your main course.

This recipe is ideal for a fiber-rich snack or appetizer before the main course. These savory pancakes are simple to make and foolproof. 

We build a simple batter using things you're likely to have on hand. We then pan fried these pancakes until they are a lovely golden color. Serve with our dipping sauce for a tasty spin on savory pancakes. 

This is really similar to Korean-style savory pancakes. If you've had a kimchi pancake before, you'll recognize the style of this savory pancake recipe. 

The biggest difference will be that it is not spicy because we are not using kimchi but rather napa cabbage leaves. 

Don't worry, this dish still tastes great, especially with our own dipping sauce.

– Napa cabbage leave – All-purpose flour – Coldwater – Egg – Salt – Mushroom umami powder (or Dasida beef stock powder) – Avocado oil

– Green onion – Garlic clove – Vinegar – Sugar – Soy sauce – Korean red chili pepper powder (gochugaru), optional

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