May Horoscope: 6 Signs of Peace This Week

Ah, May—the month of blossoms and, astrologically speaking, a sprinkling of cosmic confetti.  



If the new moon passes over your area, it's like the cosmos is hugging you and saying, “Reconnect with your roots.”  


If stress is ruining your celebration, give it the boot. Meditation and deep breathing can help.    


This new moon is about heart-to-heart connections, so snuggle up with your loved ones.


No need to worry if the cosmos isn't welcoming you. Raise your sleeves and work. Like clay, your dreams are moldable and changeable.  


Dust off your curiosity and face the unfamiliar. After what seems like an eternity of soul-searching, you may finally stretch your legs and start a new adventure.   


With the new moon in Taurus, prepare to delve into your relationships.


Now is the time to show the world your new and improved self after shedding layers like a champ.  


As the zodiac's free spirit, you radiate expansion, and with Jupiter boosting this new moon, the sky's the limit.