May 16: Three Zodiac Signs Meet Their Ideal Partner In Love.  

Those of us who are very choosy about love, romance, and the thought of truly being in and remaining in a relationship may find that as May 16 approaches,  

we are in luck, as now is a very good time to locate someone who is adequately suitable with us.  

We have a Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo, which implies we're almost there...we may be fussy, but we're not impossible.   

We are 'open' to finding that special someone.  

Thursdays allow three zodiac signs to remain open just long enough to let the proper one in.  

And the 'right one' may be someone who shares many of our characteristics.   

We're not coming from a position of vanity or conceit; instead, the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo makes us feel more at ease around folks who share our interests and lifestyles.  

Here we are, and it appears that the cosmos is smiling down on you, Cancer, informing you that the appropriate person for love and passion has finally entered your life.   


You've always had extremely high criteria for who you romantically connect with, and it may feel as if you've set up a hoop that others must jump through to prove whether or not they're worthy.  


You've always wanted to be in a loving relationship where you spend less time bickering and more time agreeing on 'everything.' You don't see the sense in spending 'that much time' talking things out with a loved one.