May 16: Three Signs of the Zodiac Who Face Their Fears and Go After Their Dreams 

Ready, aim, fire! On Thursday, May 16, with the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo, in the midst of Taurus season, three zodiac signs will pursue a desire they know will come true.  

Virgo transits always benefit dreamers, but this Waxing Gibbous lunar phase implies it's just the beginning. We have determination and persistence as we begin our journey to achievement.  

It's the last week of your birthday season and a wonderful time to try something new. Taurus, you're crazy optimistic. You can achieve anything and feel confident in the world. Thursday, you'll feel like you can chase and own any desire.  

 1. Taurus  

You are the one in the crowd who can fully learn from a terrible experience and use it in the future. You'll feel that motivating Virgo energy coursing through your blood, making you proactive and interested in the future.  

The Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo on Thursday gives you confidence and energy to pursue your passion. You'll get what you desire because you've made a realistic strategy. 

2. Gemini

This displays maturity, which is wonderful. Despite always dreaming, you've realized that following an impossible dream isn't as romantic as in a song. Your purpose is to make the possible real, giving your life significance.

You've learnt that if you're obsessed to the point of absolute focus, you'll create anything. You also know that skepticism will kill your dream and show you that you're not into it if your heart isn't.

3. Sag  

Your life has been full with marvels, and people watch in awe. How do you do it and why? Personal focus is key. As in meditation, the mantra is a repeating image of your goals.

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