May 16 Love Forecasts by Zodiac Sign

Aries, take care of yourself. Love goes beyond emotions. Self-care, self-reflection, and inner serenity are included. Get the security you want. Make yourself emotionally available. Request help from the cosmos when you need something to fill your heart.  

1. Aries  

Are you practical about love? Everything has a time and place, and if you're only thinking with your heart, you may not be thinking logically about love. Step back and assess the situation. Whether you want that. You need an idea but not information.   


 3. Gemini 

You need a home, but you also want a pleasant, inviting, and safe one. Set a goal to remodel a room in your home to create cherished memories. Set up a board gaming table or a music place with your favorite records. Set up one night a week for movie watching and snuggling on the sofa with some soft pillows and blankets.  

Create a list. Relationships need a future vision like other areas of life. Write out your goals for yourself and your love life to build one.  Be thorough. Travel and children should be included. You can then set intentions. Be so moved that you can't forget it.  

4.The cancer  

 5. The Virgo

 This is a good day to discover yourself. You need self-love, and you are here for it. Schedule a self-esteem booster. Manicure. If you want a mini makeover, check your favorite mall store's sale area. 

Putting the past behind you takes guts and self-respect. The Moon in Virgo inspires perspective. You may need to recall past events to make a major life adjustment. You may wish to journal more to remember your relationship. Read novels about breakup loss and recovery if you're mourning.  

6. The Libra 

7. Scorpio  

 Friends can help you finish. Encouragement from the Moon in Virgo leads to wonderful friends and happy people. You may have a great advisor pal. You may need help viewing things differently.   

You're willing to work for love and expect the same from your partner. Today, locate the missing piece to your relationship that needs to change and can.  

8. Sagittarius

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