LeBron James did not want to change the basketball after a drink was spilled on it.  

LeBron James made headlines once more, this time for a unique incident during the LA Lakers' victory over the Phoenix Suns, rather than for his on-court abilities.   

NBA fans mocked James' reaction after a drink was spilled on the game ball, drawing comparisons to reality star Kim Kardashian's.  

As the referee attempted to switch to the backup game ball following the spill, LeBron vehemently objected, insisting:  

"No, we do not want to change." "Keep it in there."   

James, known for his outspokenness on the court, even called Suns star Devin Booker to confirm that the original ball was still playable.  

LeBron's adamant refusal to switch the ball resulted in a viral video of the moment.  

The Lakers went on to win 106-103, maintaining their momentum, and it appeared that LeBron's unconventional decision contributed to the team's success.  

The viral exchange sparked commentary on social media, with fans suggesting it was further proof of LeBron's influence over NBA officials, a topic often debated among critics of the basketball icon. 

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