Kelly Clarkson makes weight loss confession

NEW YORK (WJW)— Kelly Clarkson, a singer and talk show host, revealed details about her recent weight loss.   

On Monday's "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Clarkson acknowledged to taking a weight loss medicine in an interview with "The View" presenter Whoopi Goldberg.   

In January, Clarkson told People magazine that diet and exercise helped her lose weight. She made no mention of weight loss medications.   

She made the disclosure after praising Goldberg, 68, on her young appearance.  Hudson school board faces concerns after a kid is charged with rape.   

Goldberg claimed it was all the weight she'd lost. "I lost almost two people," Goldberg explained. "I'm doing that wonderful shot that works for people who need some help."   

"Mine is a different one than people assume," Clarkson, 42, remarked. "I ended up having to do that, too, because my blood work got so bad."   

"Do you know what's funny?" Clarkson stated. "I didn't plan on talking about this."   

Clarkson claimed it wasn't until she saw a planned birthday special that she realized she looked like "she's about to die of a heart attack."   

Clarkson stated that her heaviest weight was 203 pounds. She stated that she is five feet, three and a half inches tall. She's apparently shed 60 pounds.   

Clarkson claimed her doctor "chased her" for two years before prescribing medication to help her lose weight. But she stated she was concerned because she has a thyroid condition.   

Clarkson would not specify which weight loss medication she was using, but she confirmed it was not Ozempic. 

"It is something that helps break down the sugar. "Obviously, my body doesn't do it correctly," she stated.   

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