Joe Burrow, Peyton Manning comparison comes up again via Brian Callahan

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, has been named with Peyton Manning on occasion since the end of his college career.  

Former offensive coordinator Brian Callahan, now head coach of the Tennessee Titans, did it again while speaking with The Athletic's Robert Mays:  

Callahan was discussing his own professional path, which includes, among other things, a stay in Denver with Manning. He'd undoubtedly be knowledgeable about player comparisons.  

While Callahan is primarily talking about his own young quarterback would Levis these days  

the subject of Burrow frequently comes up since observers are curious about how he would develop quarterbacks without Zac Taylor's supervision.  

And when it comes to Burrow, that processing is usually the main argument people mention  

when drawing such high comparisons, so it's interesting to see it mentioned again.  

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