Jjimdak aka Dak Jjim, the Best Braised Chicken Recipe

 The Greatest Braised Chicken Recipe, Jjimdak, also known as Dak Jjim,,,

 The recipes that involve simply pouring a bunch of hearty ingredients into a pott.

 and cooking it on the stovetop for an hour—while heating up the kitchen—are the greatest for this cozy season, like Jjimdak! Jjimdak  ,,,

 is a Korean dish of braised chicken in a soft, tender soy sauce with hints of sweetness, garlic, and ginger.   

 Bone-in chicken pieces are braised in a slightly sweet, garlicky, gingery soy-based sauce called jjimdak, which is almost exactly the same as the braising sauce used to make galbi jjim.  

 You can literally shred the meat with a spoon because of how soft and tender the low and slow cooking method makes it.  

 This recipe calls for naturally sweet carrots and sweet potatoes, but you can substitute other veggies ,,,

 like plain white potatoes, squash, radish—or add more onions and other veggies to suit your taste and what's available.  

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