Jelly Roll's 2 Kids: All About Daughter Bailee Ann and Son Noah

Jelly Roll is a doting father figure to his two children, Noah Buddy and Bailee Ann.  

On multiple occasions, the country music artist has discussed how the arrival of his daughter in 2008 improved his life significantly.  

Jelly Roll was serving time for narcotics dealing when Bailee was born.  

My egotism had to end. "Something was completely dependent on me," Jelly Roll told 105.7 The Point.   

It was clear to me that that was a crucial assignment. Thus, I intended to give it my full attention. Indeed, I did. I continue to approach it with utmost seriousness.  

After eloping in 2016, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO were given primary custody of Bailee.   

In the same year, Jelly Roll's kid from a prior relationship joined their already-large family of three.  

The parents-to-be are private about their children Bailee and Noah on social media,  

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