Jason Kelce Will be the Best NFL Analyst Since John Madden

Jason Kelce will be the epitome of what NFL analysts can be: passionate like John Madden, knowledgeable like Troy Aikman, and candid like Chris Collinsworth.   

With a sense of humour, no less.  

That is the conclusion of columnist Marcus Hayes, who writes for The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

This season, Kelce will replace Robert Griffin III as a pregame and halftime analyst for ESPN's Monday Night Football.  

Hayes has been covering the NFL for 34 years and understands what he is witnessing.  

"I normally watch games with the volume turned down; Tony Romo's histrionics never impressed me.   

I never watch pregame or postgame shows; mediocre forecasts and toothless comments are a waste of time. Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms from CBS have always been a little too sterile.  

If you’re doing your job as a player, Kelce said, you’re critical of what you’re doing, what’s happening with the group and what’s happening from the coaches. 

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