It will take years to appreciate 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga'

 “Mad Max: Fury Road” is my favorite action film. I tried to defend “Die Hard,” but it lacks double guitars, therefore it's behind.  

 My friend next to me was annoyed when I sprang up in my seat and made dad sounds the first time I saw “Fury Road” in the movie.  

 Reading about the decades-long effort to make the film and watching it on the small screen just increased my love for it.  

 After a traumatizing production, writer-director George Miller painstakingly sculpted every frame of his masterwork.  

 “Fury Road” was a box office hit, but even Miller would struggle to match its effort to make it a classic.  

 Miller tried nevertheless, God bless him. His “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” hits theaters this week, and audiences—including me—are excited.  

 “Furiosa” is a prequel to “Fury Road,” with Anya Taylor-Joy playing the titular role instead of Charlize Theron,,,

 who had either aged out (Miller) or didn't want to shoot again (myself).  

 Taylor-Joy told the New York Times that she faced several psychological challenges while performing the part, which is disappointing for her but makes me confident that the film will rival its predecessor.  

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