Inside Glen Powell’s Ambitious Hollywood Plan

 Glen Powell, then in middle school, had his mom buy him chroma key paint from Home Depot to celebrate his first  

 Hollywood part in Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids 3D: Game Over.   

 A young actor, who had selected Steven Spielberg and special effects for one of his school projects, was about to turn his family's Texas barn into a soundstage.   

 Young Powell would build wind and water machines for his new green-screen backdrop.  

 He had already learned to fabricate props.  

 Like many of his favorite Spielberg films, his home videos would eventually feature storms of all kinds.  

 Twenty years later, Powell stars as a storm hunter in Universal's summer tentpole Twisters, which Spielberg produces, and runs Barnstorm Productions.  

 Powell is aggressively seeking for someone CEO to run it now that he's being inundated with chances and everything he's touched,,,  

 including a Captain Planet script he penned years ago, seems to be moving quickly.  

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