In under eight seconds, can you identify all of the B's in this optical illusion IQ test?

Optical illusions increase problem-solving, visual perception, observation, and complex reading. How fast can you find all the B's in the D's in 8 seconds using this optical illusion?  

Visual illusions confuse the sight and brain. Optical illusions that involve finding a letter in a bunch of letters can be difficult since the letter blends in. It's harder because they're the same size and color.  

Jagran Josh presents the best optical illusions with answers, from hidden things to animals. These optical illusions can test your brainpower, vision, and cognition  

They demonstrate your daily observation. Intelligent people can rapidly discover hidden information in optical illusions.  

You can test yourself by finding all the concealed B's among D's in this illusion. It requires time and focus, but it's entertaining.  

Take a few deep breaths and relax your eyes before slowly studying the image. Find B in each row. Repeat for each column to catch all b's.  

Once you uncover one, focus on it and look for more hidden letters.  

Look at the image from different perspectives. Sometimes a different perspective helps you see hidden letters.  

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