Distinguish Three Things About This Yo-Yo Scene In Just Seventeen Seconds 

Seek & Find Puzzle: Practice investigative work! Hidden roses await discovery. This seek-and-find challenge: can you find it?  

Search and Find Puzzle images use colors, lighting, and patterns to deceive humans.   

These visuals can readily fool human brains because to how the brain interprets images, how light reflects off things, and how the eyes are positioned.  

The visual system's imperfect depiction of reality causes these confusions. Our eyes send light signals to the brain, which processes them.   

However, past experiences, acquired assumptions, and visual presentation affect our brain's interpretation.   

This type of seek-and-find puzzle will confuse you. The image below shows girls having a picnic. Find a hidden rose.   

Seek and Find puzzles challenge our worldview, which makes them appealing.   

They warn us that our senses can be tricked and that perception is not always correct.   

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