If you want your love to last, you should do this trip with your partner. 

Feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and detached as a couple? Answer: yes, for most couples. It's tempting to cry "retreat!" and run away from your lover and reality under pressure like this. Suppose "retreating" is a good idea.  

Think only major companies, tech startups, spiritual groups, and yoga gurus attend retreats? Think again. For couples who need to escape their routine to reconnect, the "retreat" notion is ideal. A couples retreat may help.   

For most people, daily talks center on daily details and decisions. You feel exhausted on weekends and rush to finish errands and tasks you missed during the week.  

When other moms exclaim, “Wow, your son is fast!” you know your youngster runs well. He's bad at hiding. He always sticks out his feet, body, or bottom.  

Couples raising a family, unmarried partners working on significant projects, engaged couples, and elderly couples nearing retirement can all benefit from time away from home.  

Making time to talk about what matters to you and the "business" of living and loving together may be the best thing you ever do. Is that relationship advice that works?  

Nice, but how does a "relationship retreat" work? About five years ago, my husband and I started arranging our yearly relationship retreat because we couldn't find time to chat about our lives during the chaos of daily living  

We spent more time and energy on our lives apart, work, and objectives, and we disagreed on most of our life-changing decisions.  

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