I Learned 5 Invaluable Things About Marriage From My Toddler

It is not uncommon for a person to become preoccupied with other aspects of their life and allow their marriage to fall by the wayside  

The following are five marriage lessons that can be learned by anyone from a young child.

Despite the fact that I am an expert on family and relationships, I am not always the best wife.  

When other moms exclaim, “Wow, your son is fast!” you know your youngster runs well. He's bad at hiding. He always sticks out his feet, body, or bottom. 

1. You can run but not hide.  

2. Everyone needs a break.  

Life's stressful. Sometimes it's overwhelming how much is coming at us. Sometimes taking time away is beneficial. I put Cooper on the stairs when he becomes rough or needs a break, and I should do the same for myself.  

We go to Gymboree and my 21-month-old jumps or falls from the highest equipment. Just dust himself off, ask for a kiss, and play again. He's too busy living to worry about getting wounded. We must do this in marriage.

3. Risk it, even if it hurts. 

4. A good hug suffices.  

Deep down, we need tons of physical affection from our loved ones like toddlers. We support and adore without always looking at our partner. Friends and family are crucial, but your partner should be the main one.   

I often focus on life's mess rather than play. Not for Cooper. He drops everything to dance to a fantastic music and invites me. Without playing together, how can we interact with others. 

5. Playtime must happen  

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