Home rented by artist Sean Kingston raided by BSO after being accused of not paying for merchandise; singer’s mother taken into custody

The mother of rapper and singer Sean Kingston was apprehended by the Broward  

Sheriff's Office during a raid on a Southwest Ranches residence where Kingston was a renter on multiple accusations of theft and fraud.  

Officials claim that Kisean Paul Anderson, also known as Kingston, is facing charges of failing to pay for an entertainment system worth $150,000.  

As a number of cruisers and deputies encircled the residence, 7Skyforce remained overhead.  

All day long, deputies came and went from the residence.  

Janice Turner, who is 61 years old and Anderson's mother, was apprehended by BSO during their raid on Thursday.  

She was apprehended while cuffed outside the residence.  

A business sued Anderson in February, asserting that the rapper had never paid for the goods.  

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