GPT-4o and Gemini outperform AI devices.

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Last year, Humane announced the Ai Pin, seemingly “fixing” a problem we didn’t have. The wearable gadget is an AI-focused phone without a screen that prioritizes voice input. A few months later, the Rabbit r1 introduced a new AI behavior: it can use phone apps for you.  

These devices suggested that Jony Ive and Sam Altman may be working on the “iPhone of AI” and other AI goods in the next years. However, our major PCs and daily iPhones and Android phones already contain AI. All they need is good AI.  

This month, OpenAI and Google are upgrading AI significantly. GPT-4o is now available to all ChatGPT users, even free ones. Google integrated Gemini into all its products, including Android, which will use AI.   

It appears that the GPT-4o and Gemini capabilities coming to phones and the web will eliminate the Ai Pin and r1.  

The Ai Pin's main draw is a bespoke AI that handles voice commands well so you can enjoy the moment. Real-world tests indicated that the AI and battery life are inconsistent.  

Why buy the Ai Pin for $700, without the second data plan, when you have GPT-4o on your phone? The new model accepts voice commands well, and AI talks are becoming more like human conversations.  

Interrupting the AI without losing its line of thought lets you adjust prompts. ChatGPT's voice is surprisingly human.  

GPT-4o also lets you exhibit and question AI photos and video. Just power your phone and give GPT-4o “eyes.” More enjoyable than the Ai Pin. Additionally, the battery will last longer and cost nothing.  

The Gemini Assistant will likely acquire similar features this fall with Android 15. After the GPT-4o update, Google demonstrated Project Astra bots with voice capabilities like ChatGPT.  

Gemini will tailor an itinerary to your interests, booking and travel times, and ideas. Gemini does not process reservations or payments. However, if Gemini can plan a vacation for you now, it could likely make the appropriate purchases in the future.  

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