Get More Birds in Your Yard with These Surefire Tricks

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Any one is good, but all three will attract more birds to your backyard than ever. Next, vary feeders by location, seed type, and height. After switching feeders, relax in a shaded chair and enjoy the spectacle.  

Water, food and shelter!

Birds, keep an illustrated field guide near a feeder-facing window. Birds of North America from St. Martin's Press is always within reach at my favorite window. If you can identify the local species, find out what they like to eat to attract more.   

If you’re new to watching

Offer as many options as possible to attract birds. I'm feeding gold finches thistle, hummingbirds sugar water, orioles jelly, and woodpeckers three varieties of high-fat suet blocks.  

Different food

We need it, especially in winter. Water splashing from my backyard pond waterfall attracts neighborhood fliers. I have numerous heated birdbaths. Blooming food sources that do more than beautify your home should be grown in the warmer months.  

Birds love water

Pet cats should stay indoors. The health of your pet kitties is also improved.   

Protect the backyard birds you attract

My feeders are in a low-cover region. The local public works department where people dump Christmas trees is where I go in January. I put some pretty full ones around my feeders for winter refuge. It's a terrific method to recycle old Christmas trees, but I check for dangerous decorations and hooks first.  

Think outside the box and reuse what you can

(10–15 feet tall) Allow robins and cardinals to nest in dense vegetation. Your new bird neighbors will be safer and farther from predators. After nesting in our backyard shrubs, two robin parents searched for worms for their young.  

Tall shrub

Consider placing branches and perches near feeders as “waiting rooms” for when all slots and perches are taken.  

Leave bushes bushy to provide shelter for bird

Avoid insecticides and enjoy bugs for grosbeaks, hummingbirds, and bluebirds. All the hungry neighborhood birds naturally reduce insect numbers. Due to their protein needs, several bird species feed their nestlings only insects. Spider webs help hummingbirds build nests, so leave them up.   

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

However, sugar-water feeders are problematic. Small feeder ports were difficult to clean, which upset me. I was inspired to use my old electric toothbrush with new batteries to clean those tiny feeder holes and had fun. I named my new “bird brush” with a permanent marker after my first cleaning. I use it for months.  

It’s important to keep all bird feeders clean,

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