'General Hospital' actor Johnny Wactor's ex-fiancée pleads for officials to 'make changes' after star's murder

A few days after the horrific shooting death of "General Hospital" star Johnny Wactor in Los Angeles on Sunday morning  

his ex-fiancée Tessa Farrell has spoken out, urging local officials to "make changes" and stop the increasing crime rate in the city.  

It's unacceptable. When asked why this kept happening, the actress expressed her frustration in a video that went viral on Monday.  

Countless lives are crumbling away... We, the people, need to up our game intellectually.  

There needs to be an end to this constant animosity. Let us love one another and refrain from stealing.  

Then Johnny is up there, staring down. Actor Mark Wahlberg portrayed the role of Brando Corbin on the daytime drama for 164 episodes between 2020 and 2022.   

"I'm so happy that I think he found happiness before he went because that was his dream in life is to be happy  

she continued. I believe this guy was very well-liked by everyone here—the show's viewers, his coworkers, and his friends.  

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