Fact Check: Is Randy Travis dead? Stagehand tragic accident explored

The 68-year-old stagehand for actor and singer Randy Travis, Thomas Roberts, passed away not long ago.  

After he allegedly strayed on his wife, Christine Ann Roberts, she shot and killed him.  

ortunately, Travis survived the encounter unharmed.   

The country music performer shared a photo and a statement on Facebook, expressing her anguish at Roberts's death and how the stage would never be the same without her.  

Roberts, according to Travis, had an enchanting presence and was an expert when it came to stage lighting.   

He elaborated by saying the latter had an inflated sense of self-confidence. Roberts was a gentleman, he said, and he smiled all the time.  

According to Randy Travis, who has announced that his More Life tour will begin next week,  

the music industry will never be the same without Roberts. Those close to Thomas will be remembered, he wrote at the end.  

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