Every Chinese Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For May 20 - 26


Rat, the spirit this week is all about recognizing your strengths and not taking rejection personally. You have more options and opportunities if you believe in yourself.  


Ox, your energy this week is energetic and robust. As long as you believe in yourself and your intuition, you will be OK. New opportunities are coming your way! 


Tiger, the vibe this week is delightful and lovely for you. Lean into the things, activities, and people that make you happy, and you will have the most wonderful memories at the end of it all. 


Rabbit, this week's energy is all about acknowledging your inner strength and confidently engaging with the world. Do not let negative self-talk take root!  


Dragon, the energy this week will heighten your intuition. Pay attention to what you see and write it down if you believe you'll forget. You will gain profound insights this way.  


Snake, this week's energy will either help you transform and go to the next level, or it may scare you into staying in your current box. Do not let your fears prevent you from getting your benefits.  


Fate, fate, and karma are all on your side this week, Horse. Don't let your anxieties govern you. Move forward with confidence and trust in the process.  


This week's energy is focused on rest, relaxation, and regeneration for you, goat. If you want to go on a spontaneous trip or to a nature retreat, embrace that yearning and let your spirit to breathe.  


Monkey, the energy this week is all about identifying where you are exceeding expectations in a positive way and where you are doing too much in a negative way. The appropriate balance is needed right now. 


Rooster, this week's energy is all about keeping grounded and confident in your core. That way, you'll discover hidden truths and profound insights.  


Dog, your love life will be highlighted this week, especially if you are married and have children. Allow no one to intervene with your private affairs, but pay close attention to the specifics.  


Pig, this week's energy is strong for you. Set your plans in motion and let fate work its magic for you. As long as you understand why you want to accomplish anything, you will find support along the road. 

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