Even J.Lo in a mech suit can’t save Netflix’s by-the-numbers AI thriller

 A sci-fi movie featuring Jennifer Lopez and a smart-ass, sentient mech suit fighting her evil AI brother would theoretically be more enjoyable.  

 Unfortunately, Atlas, Netflix's latest action film, is too serious.  

 It also fails to explore the complexity of the AI debate, despite being a fight between a pleasant AI aide and a doomsday machine.  

 The movie's banter between Lopez and her artificial companion is hilarious, but everything else appears to fight Atlas' actual shape.  

 Buddy comedy tries too hard to be an action film.  

 Atlas takes place roughly 30 years after an uprising in which an intelligent AI bot named Harlan (Simu Liu) helped liberate other robots,,,

 who subsequently bypassed security procedures and waged war on humanity.   

 This situation parallels many real-world issues.  

 The AIs lose, and Harlan flees to lick his wounds, but not before threatening humanity.  

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