‘Dreadful’ new Kate Middleton portrait angers: ‘It’s like high school painting class’

 After King Charles III's controversial new painting, his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton's new portrait is causing controversy.  

 Hannah Uzor painted the Princess of Wales' new look, not an official portrait.  

 The photo depicts Middleton, 42, in a white gown with a blue ribbon and tiara.   

 A royal specialist claimed Meghan Markle was offended by 'unfair criticism' of American Riviera Orchard, causing tears.  

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 The founding member of '90s rock band Train, Kate Middleton, died in a horrific accident.   

 She “spent a lot of time looking at [Catherine], looking at her pictures, watching videos of her, seeing her with her family, in diplomatic visits, rowing or visiting children in a hospice,” the artist told the site.  

 However, royal observers were appalled that it did not resemble the princess.   

 “This is awful—I'm not sure the artist likes the Princess—it looks like a bad GCSE project!” Another asked, “Is this a joke  

 Looks nothing like Catherine. Another attacked it, saying she wouldn't know who it's for without that clothing.  

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