Dolly Parton created secret album for release this year

Dolly Parton has a surprise for 2024.  

The country legend has been discreetly working on a "massive" record that will be released this year, according to The Sun.  

According to the site, Dolly worked very hard on her upcoming album, Dolly Parton: Smokey Mountain DNA, which will be her 50th.  

According to the publication, the hidden album draws influence from the country singer's heritage and includes 30 songs, 20 of which are collaborations with family members  

"It's an album that covers her entire life. "It has been a massive undertaking involving the entire family," Dolly's niece, rising singer Jada Star, said.  

"She produced an album with over 30 tracks featuring over 20 family members. "She sings with us on every song."  

Jada said, "The album covers songs written about her childhood, her mother and father, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, all the way to her nieces and nephews."  

"We may all share renditions of her songs or write our own for it. It has been a massive, insane project."  

She explained, "It's called The Orchard. It's all about our family tree and what we bring to the world."  

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