Did Justin Bieber Have a Hair Transplant? Experts Weigh In on Telltale Sign

The new hairline that Justin Bieber is sporting was not something that came naturally, according to medical professionals.  

Cosmetic doctors who matched pictures of the 30-year-old singer from 2021 and 2022 with a more current   

shot came to the unanimous conclusion that the Biebs paid to have hair transplanted into his head.  

"In the before photos, he's displaying classic male pattern baldness," says Dr. Yoel Shahar, a cosmetic cutter stationed in Manhattan.   

His hairline appears more forward-looking and less acute in the most current photo, but the angle of his hair goes deep and backward on the sides.   

Looking at it from different angles, it appears nearly flat. The results of a hair transplant will always look like that.  

The "dramatic change" and "seemingly swift and complete" transformation of Justin's hairline has been confirmed by Dr. Nicholas Jones, a cosmetic surgeon located in Atlanta.  

The consistency we're witnessing in Justin's instance may be explained, according to Jones, by the fact that this can produce a denser, more defined hairline.   

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